Monday, November 10, 2008

Suki The Very Loud Bunny concepting

Right now I'm working on developing a new book with Carmela about a noisy bunny named Suki. In these initial studies I've departed from the soft charcoal textures of the Ella books in favor of more detailed line work and watercolor washes.

The image above is of The Burrows, home to Suki and her siblings. Below Suki narrowly escapes capture by two very strange looking bunnies.

The reception from the publishing community to these drawings so far has been positive but cautious. Straying from an established brand represents extra risk, so I'm trying make sure these illustrations stand on their own merits. Next I plan on developing an alternate set of tests employing a more Ella-esque style. As an illustrator I want to stretch, but there's a potential marketing component here that shouldn't be ignored.


REGAN said...

I really love these Steve. You are so truly amazing.

Flere said...


I've been trying to find your e-mail address because I"VE GONE VIRAL!

Nothing I've ever created has made the web before and I dunno what else to do. Will you please write back?