Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bacteria fun!

These character designs were developed for the LOTT Alliance in Olympia as part of a series of illustrations created for their new learning center scheduled to open Spring 2010. LOTT is a massive wastewater management facility that serves Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater and Thurston County.
The charicatures needed to be based on the real-life appearance of each micro-organism. A nearby microscope will allow kids to see the actual organisms up close.

This is one of four exhibits I was contracted to illustrate through Aldrich Pears Associates in Vancouver, B.C..


J. Derek Allred said...

I liked the bacteria illustrations so much that I've decided to get some of my own. Isn't it just like you to take something that can often be sickening and miserable and turn it into something worthwhlie. Sorta reminds me of our days back in the sub-basement of the old Bon Marche. -Junior

Shirley said...

Wonderful work, Steven..and wow, Tower Records! I loved all of the displays at my local one here in did some amazing pieces for them. Glad to have found your work via the WritersHouseArt website. And of course, my daughters and I love Ella!